Ortensia Hall


The Ortensia Hall is equipped with :

  • Screen;
  • Movable sheet board
  • Video-projector, pc (on request)
Fassungsvermögen Abmessungen und Umgebung Verfügbare Säle  
30 5,52x7,93 | 43,8 sqm Theatre, horseshoe, single block, school desks. Technische Details


The Ortensia hall can be reached from the Reception area and is endowed with natural light overlooking the sea.

It is suitable for meetings with reduced number of participants, as board-or - under- committees room or organizing secretariat as well for bigger meetings.

The specific privacy, makes the room particularly fit for business-work talks, board of directors and small meetings.

Meeting and events Referent
Sandra Nardelli
+39 085 45 00 55 07 


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