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Gelsomino Hall


The Gelsomino Hall is equipped with:

  • Screen;
  • Movable sheet board ;
  • Fixed microphones for chairmen board ;
  • Video-projector, pc, pin or ice-cream shaped  radio-microphone and reading stand (on request) Technical Assistance, Video-conference service, hostess-service, simultaneous translation (on request)
Fassungsvermögen Abmessungen und Umgebung Verfügbare Säle  
180 13,50x 16,50 | 225,75 sqm Theatre, Horse-Shoe, Single Block, School Desks, Work- Isles Technische Details


The Gelsomino Hall can be reached on the ground floor from the corridor getting through our Winter Garden which can be used as exhibition room or  welcome-cocktails and coffee-breaks point as well. Thanks to its modularity, the Gelsomino Hall is ideal for a wide variety of settings.

The antique wooden floor and its perimeter - window-doors with direct access to the park, might be the perfect frame for your most important venues. In Summer time the meeting-participants will enjoy their breaks in the opposite stunning private park of the Hotel.   

The direct entrance from the parking lot outside makes the hall suitable also for meetings with non-resident guests at our Hotel and for installations that require a direct entrance (cars, exhibitions stands, technical equipment).

Meeting and events Referent
Sandra Nardelli
+39 085 45 00 55 07 


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